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A point-of-sale system gives businesses the ability to complete purchases, record data and generate reports on business and staff performance. A new POS can make a significant positive difference to the way in which your business operates.

To take and track new sales you'll most likely need a POS system. There are many different options for POS systems, each with its own features and functionalities varying from a simple platform to take your sales to a system that includes a multitude of support features.

But with so many different systems to choose from, which POS is the best for your business?

That's where can help. are one of the leading business to business comparison services. We help 1000s of companies of all sizes to compare and save on the very best, most cost-effective POS systems (as well as lots of other essential business products and services) each and every month!

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Why should I compare POS systems?

A POS as mentioned stands for Point of Sale.

On the most basic level these are state of the art systems that allow your business to process transactions.

However, upgrading to POS system can turn that old cash register into an all-in-one sales hub for your business.

What types of POS are available?

When it comes to POS systems you have a wide range of systems available to you.

Each have their own benefits which can help with your specific business needs.

One rule of thumb though is that the larger your operation, the more sophisticated machine you will need.

Manual Cash Register Electronic Cash Register Modern POS System
Device memory
Electronic display
Touch screen
Back office functions
Rota management
Customer management

What is a manual cash register?

Manual cash registers are basic pieces of hardware that combine a cash drawer with an adding machine.

If you're a small-scale business then these can be perfect for you.

If you're making a large number of sales daily however then then a top of the range POS system may be more appropriate to keep on top of things.

What is an electronic cash register?

Electronic cash registers are slightly more sophisticated as they come with a touch screen and stock & inventory options.

You can also incorporate additional hardware such as an electronic cash drawer, barcode scanners and printers.

These will often come with features that include:

  • Prompts to upsell
  • Table allocation
  • Stock check assistance

What are the benefits of a POS system?

There are many benefits to using a POS system instead of a traditional cash register.

These include:

Increase staff efficiency

Remembering prices, manually inputting large amounts of data or the need for carrying out some quick math are things of the past with a POS machine.

Errors are easily corrected with just a few taps of a screen instead of long complicated processes.

Just think how much faster scanning a product or pressing a button with all of the relevant info is compared to the laborious procedures of a traditional till.

Boost sales

A faster system not only allows you to process customers at a much more efficient rate, but it also makes the life of yourself and your staff so much easier.

More customers = more sales.

Any undercharging that your business may have been suffering with can be avoided as all prices and correct change amount etc. are shown on screen.

Streamline stock management

Sick of laborious and time-consuming inventory reviews?

With, a POS system, your staff can easily see what is and isn't in stock and scan any new items straight on to the system.

You can even see where items are in your business.

Say you run a bar, a POS system will tell you how many bottles of wine you have on the bar and how many in your stock fridge.

This is valuable information for both day to day running of your business and when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Create accurate reports

With all of the info that is being processed through your POS system it's naturally going to be a hub of helpful data.

POS systems can generate custom reports giving you an insight into trends and patterns to help build your business strategy around.

Increased employee tracking

Each staff member can be given their own unique login, meaning that every sale or action is linked to them.

This not only helps monitor staff behavior but this data can help build healthy competition amongst staff members driving up sales.

Features such as clocking in and out and rota creation can also be incorporated into the system.

Maintain price consistency

If you have multiple outlets maintaining price consistency cold be an issue.

With a POS system, achieving price consistency won't ever be an issue.

They can even amend special offers that you may have running and these will be applied across all business locations.

With this, your customers will receive the same level of service no matter what location they are at.

How much does POS system cost?

There is no set answer for this as it will totally depend on what type of system you are looking to purchase.

Of course, a more basic system like just a standard cash register is going to cost far less than a top of the range POS system.

It's all about picking the right system for your business, the table we showed you earlier can help determine what you may need.

It's always worth remembering that you may have to factor in other prices such as software subscriptions and insurance.

Some providers will even offer a monthly subscription service with no up front costs.

Although it may seem like an initial costly outlay what you will save in time and efficiency will be priceless.

Plus, with all of those extra customers you can serve, you'll be making that back in no time.

How can I get a POS system?

Hopefully that has answered any questions you may have about POS system and how it can benefit your business.

Now you may be asking yourself, "how can I get myself a POS system?"

Well the process couldn't be easier. Just tap the "Start Free Quote" now button to get started.

This is an absolutely free service with no obligation to commit, so tap the button answer a few questions and start your journey to getting a brand-new POS system now!